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Five Tips To Set The Mood In The Bedroom

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Five Tips To Set The Mood In The Bedroom

Looking for ways to get things going in the bedroom? We have five tips that will set the mood and help make a sexual experience amazing.

Sometimes getting the fire started takes a bit of work. But if you’re feeling it when you’re partner is not…or you just want to make things extra special, there are a few things you can do in the bedroom to get the fire ignited.

Here are five easy things anyone can do:

  1. Dim the lights

When the light is soft and dim it can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Plus, everything looks sexier when the lights are dim. You can also replace soft lights with candles to make things extra sexy.

  1. Do something that will give you confidence and make you feel sexy

Doing something to give yourself an extra boost of confidence can help get things going. When you feel good it makes your partner feel good. Whether it’s a new outfit, underwear, lingerie, lipstick, heels, going to the gym before your romp…feeling good with heighten the experience.

  1. Keep the space clear of distractions

Turn the t.v. off, close the blinds (or don’t!), shut down the laptop. Whatever distractions are in the way of you giving full attention to your partner needs to be cut out.

  1. Make eye contact

How often is it that you make eye contact? In the digital world we live in today…probably not very often. What better way to let someone know your intentions are focused on them by sensually locking eyes with them?

  1. Use sensual things like satin sheets, incense, or lingerie

Focus on your senses and things that will heighten them. Touch, look, taste, smell, sound. Play up the five senses in creative ways that are subtle and sexy and not too overpowering.


With these five tips in mind, you’re sure to have a fantastic night with your partner. And if you feel like elevating the experience, you can go wrong with a few toys.

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