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This sleeve features a "Lady" opening, moulded from Stoya herself, and contains her signature Destroya interior texture.

Destroya begins with three small rings of bumps, followed by the "pleasure dome", a rounded tunnel lined with long and pointed pillars. The next chamber starts with a small row of teeth and fangs that rub and pull, before progressing into a row of large bumps. This leads into a canal with a densely ribbed texture that narrows to the base of the toy.

All Fleshlights are made from the patented SuperSkin, a body-safe material designed to mimic the feel of real skin. With the proper care, your SuperSkin sleeve will look better and last longer. Be sure to use water based lubricants, as silicone and oil based formulas will damage your toy. Use an antibacterial toy cleaner and allow the sleeve to dry completely before storing. Finally, dust with renewal powder before storing to help keep the surface of your toy smooth and touchable. We recommend using Fleshlube, Fleshwash, and Fleshlight Renewing Powder for best results.

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