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Perfectly unisex, amazingly pleasurable, and definitely user friendly, the Hollow Strap On was clearly designed for tons of versatility and immeasurable fun that's limited only by your imagination.
The full, intensely satisfying shape of the penetrative portion is sure to please, it's deliciously firm where it counts, the tip and top half of the shaft are excitingly unyielding, perfect for rough play and ultra precise stimulation. A thick, subtly textured shaft starts off nice and thick, with a subtle, but definitely noticeable ridge on the underside for g-spot or prostate stimulation- there's lots of room for deep penetration too. Certainly sturdy enough for female use, with its soft, body hugging base that rests against the pubic bone, the Hollow is also great for the opposite sex, a penis can fit comfortably inside the open portion of the base.

No matter how you choose to enjoy, you'll adore how easy it is to get in and out of the Strap-On, it's elastic and stretchy, just step in and adjust around the hips. Fits up to a 56 inch (142.2cm) waist.

Length: 6"
Insertable Length: 6"
Girth: 5.5" at largest point
Width: 1.6" at largest point
Materials: PVC
Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

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