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Firm, yet flexible, caramel-colored penis-shaped dildo, glans, veins and suction cup base to secure the dildo to a smooth surface and enjoy the solo action. The dildo filled with SILEXPAN compound material for high density internal core offering shape memory.

The outer silicone layer of the dildo is smooth and silky. Compatible with harnesses and perfectly suited for wild fun. For long-lasting pleasure, use only water-based lubricants.

Clean with mild soap in lukewarm water or use the sex toy cleaner.

Measures: 20 cm x 3.20cm
SILEXD is a new material that will revolutionize the silicone dildo industry in the sex toys sector. It is a compound material, with characteristics similar to the materials traditionally used in dildos (Silicone, PVC, TPE and TPR), but with a significantly lower production cost.

SILEXD offers the possibility of manufacturing all kinds of silicone products at a much more affordable price. Considered the most hygienic material in the adult market, silicone is a favorite product for the crowd due to its exceptional physical qualities such as flexibility, texture, non-porous nature, durability, and ease of cleaning. .

SILEXD's patented revolutionary formula is used as a filler for traditional silicone products and enables the market to offer the highest quality silicone with similar benefits, but at a lower cost.

The distinct qualities of this material allow the flexibility, elasticity, weight and density of the products to be manipulated in order to adapt to the customer's wishes and enhance the experience with more pleasant textures than those already available.

Likewise, the variations brought by SILEXD materials allow us to experiment and play with a wide range of textures. From sponge ("memory foam") to the manipulation of density in different layers or parts of the product.


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