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Fitting comfortably in your (or your playmate's) hand, Exquisite is easy for you or your partner to maneuver into just the right spot. Incredible silicone smoothness and the firm, forward-reaching angle of the shaft easily target the g-spot and other internal pleasure places while the tickler below tirelessly stimulates your/their clitoris. Has a unique warming feature!

Cue up the first of ten modes of steady, pulsating and escalating vibration using simple buttons on a user-friendly control interface. Hold down the power button for a few seconds to activate, then hit the bottom function button to get started. You'll be able to customize the intensity of each vibration mode with + and - keys on either side. As for the warming feature, just hold down the top thermometer button and wait a few minutes for Exquisite to reach its max warmth of about 107.6F/42C. 

Conveniently USB rechargeable, the Exquisite vibe is perfect for travel, powering up anywhere there's a free USB port. A magnetic charge cord is included.

Colour - Coral

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