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Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion to massage your spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assure a blended climax crashes over you. Meant for the woman wishing to push pleasure to its limit, INA Wave rises and falls within you as simultaneous vibrations assure the most powerful blended climax.

INA Wave feels extraordinary, the rising and falling motion provides a natural-feeling internal massage while it vibrates. The silky smooth silicone works beautifully with water-based lubricants, and quickly warms to your body temperature for a natural and exhilarating feel. Easily controlled from the intuitive integrated control pad, INA Wave feels perfect in the hand and because it’s fully submersible in up to a meter of water it feels even more amazing in the bath or shower.

Colour - Plum

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