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Before we get into the Pocket Pulse's VERY impressive vibration functions, let's talk about the totally unique design. Folded into a curvy open-faced chamber with two soft silicone wings curling up on either side, this Guybrator can be used while flaccid or erect. It fits easily in your or your handy playmate's palm and also to fit cocks of all shapes and sizes. You can use for stroking, frenulum stimulation, or even as a super-powered couples ring. However you choose to enjoy it, the Pocket Pulse is easy to hang onto, even when you're all lubed up and at peak stroking velocity.

Okay, vibration time! The Pocket Pulse features 5 speeds of deep, thumping oscillating vibration courtesy of two synchronized motors. Hold down the + button to activate and cycle through the options. Fully USB rechargeable, the Pulse powers up using an included USB charge cord and any free USB port. A 3 hour charge will run your Pocket Pulse for up to 1 full hour.

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