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When it comes to cuffing up a (consensual!) playmate, you don't really want them to be too comfortable right? That kind of defeats the purpose! We're not saying the Electro Handcuffs by Shot's ElectroShock collection are by any means uncomfortable, but they're definitely designed for escape proof, no-foolin', potentially shocking bondage play.

In soft faux leather, the classic black bands are supple on both sides. Wrap the inner bands over a lucky partner's wrists before tightening up the outer buckle band. The cuffs lock to each other using an included chain connector, but they can also be hooked up to any compatible bondage gear you already own.

An included power pack sends optional tingles, jolts and zaps of electricity zipping through the cuffs- there are four modes to choose from with varying power levels for each. Plug the included cord into the power pack and attach the two leads to each cuff's connector sleeve. Please note that both need to be plugged in for the electro effect to work!.

Power pack requires 2 AAA batteries. Do NOT use in or around water.

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