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The Neon Wand by Kink lab is a static electricity stimulation device that will thrill experienced electro-stim players and beginners alike. The Neon Wand helps to create a full sensory experience with thrilling sensation, tension building sound, electricity generated ozone scent, and visually stunning neon light.

The Neon Wand works by creating a static field around a glass electrode, which then can be used to transmit an electrical charge across the surface of the skin. The Neon Wand is able to deliver a range of sensations that can be easily adapted to suit the preferences of the users. By modifying the proximity of an electrode to the skin, the surface area of contact, interchanging the four included electrodes, or by adjusting the intensity of the electrical charge by means of the twist knob on the base of the handset, the sensation can vary from a mild warm tickling to a sharp sting, and everything in between.

This kit contains a Neon Wand handset, four electrodes, and a detailed booklet on use, care, and safety. It comes packaged in a sturdy storage box with foam compartments for each piece of the kit. The handset is white, and plugs into the wall by means of a heavy-duty 8’ cord. The four attachments included in this kit are the Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe, and Tongue Tube. The neon gas in the electrodes glows during use, which are available in purple or red.

The Neon Wand is based upon the violet rays or wands developed in the early 1900s. These quack medical devices were marketed as a miracle treatment to everything from cancer to baldness, but were eventually relegated to the position of antiquated medical oddity. Despite their decline in mainstream popularity, violet wands were adopted by the BDSM community and the rest is history! The Neon Wand uses different technology to create a similar effect to traditional violet wands. The result is a much lighter handset, more reliable and steady output, a lower maximum setting, and a significantly lower price point.

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