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The Chrystalino collection by Shots Toys is inspired by the Venetian glassmakers of Murano and celebrates the beautiful art of lovemaking. Luxurious, high quality, glass Ben Wa Balls feature a smooth, invigorating surface to delight the senses while you train your muscles. These kegel beads, also known as orgasm balls strengthen the muscles of the female pelvic floor and have a long history of traditional vaginal exercise. The beautiful, handblown glass balls are intended for vaginal insertion only and can be used with or without the silicone cradle.

Unique, beautifully crafted artisan Ben Wa vaginal toner for women is built to last a lifetime and, with proper care, provides a lifetime of pleasure. Sensual glass exerciser beads create a subtle stimulation deep inside and are compatible with all of your favorite lubricants. Submerge the Chrystalini glass duo-tone beads in warm or cool water prior to play. The premium borosilicate material retains the water temperature and is perfect for enhanced sexual experiences and sensory-induced pleasure.

These beautiful Shots Toys pelvic floor exercisers are shatterproof too, easy to clean, and provide a fabulous glide thanks to the exceptionally smooth, solid glass surface.

Ben Wa Handblown Glass Balls with Silicone Cradle by Shots measure 0.9" diameter (3 cm) and weigh 17 grams, each.


Clean with warm soapy water. Avoid contact with silicone lubricants. 

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