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The Arcwave Ion has arrived, and with it a new age of penis-pleasing. Harnessing the coveted Pleasure Air Technology of Womanizer fame, this sleek, modern stroker targets the super-sensitive nerves in the frenulum for an experience that can't be matched.


Created in response to research that's discovered the frenulum is home to pleasure receptors as sensitive as those of the clitoris, the Arcwave Ion uses pulsing air to deliver contact-free stimulation. Explore 8 different intensity levels to find the one that sends you over the edge.


Not only does it tease these super-sensitive nerve-endings, the Arcwave Ion brings together multiple technologies so your pleasure sessions are truly top-notch.


The Ion is waterproof, rechargeable, dismantles into two pieces for easy cleaning and recharges via USB while nestling in a sleek, discreet case.


An investment in your pleasure, it's a fantastic toy to explore during solo sessions as well as a brilliant foreplay-enhancer.


To get the most from your Arcwave Ion, be sure to use a slick of good quality water-based lube.

Key Features:

  • High tech male masturbator with Pleasure Air Technology for mind-blowing frenulum stimulation
  • Choose from 8 intensities to target nerve-endings that can't be stimulated by other toys
  • Smart Silence feature switches the toy off automatically when it's not in contact with your skin
  • Smooth CleanTech silicone and DryTech stick helps keep your toy in top condition
  • Store and charge in the sleek, discreet case with LEDs to let you know it's ready to go
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